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Missouri State Preview and Thoughts on Danny Hall

Opening Day!

While it still feels like winter for most of us, today marks the first day of the new baseball season for the Joltin Jackets.  This day couldn't have come soon enough if you ask me.  Although it will be bitter sweet as it's the first opening day I will miss in about 4 years.  Somehow, the Jackets will have to carry on.

We are opening up the season against the Missouri State Bears, who hail from the Missouri Valley Conference.  The Bears are projected to finish 2nd in their conference this season.  The starting pitcher for tomorrow is Aaron Meade, an all-conference performer last season.  He's a left handed pitcher and went 9-2 with a 3.39 ERA last season.  He should be a tough test for us starting the season.  Expect the Friday game to be closer than you think.  Meade might be able to keep the Jackets' offense in check for at least a few innings.  Other than Meade, the Bears don't pose much of a threat at any other position.  The talent gap will be too much for them to overcome.  Expect a sweep by the Ramblin Reck this weekend!

Now, if you read my first post on this site back in December, you know that I (along with several of my friends) view Danny Hall as a Baseball Deity of sorts.  Call me crazy, but the man/deity runs one of the finest programs in any sport in the country.  I really can't describe his greatness in words... but luckily for you, my buddy Chris created a facebook group as a tribute to Danny Hall several years back to help mortals like us try to understand who Danny Hall is and why... Here's what he came up with.

And then, on the Judgement Day, when we all are in Heaven, we will stand before the Almighty throne, and there will not be an old man with a gray beard, but it will be Danny Hall, and the members of this group will not be surprised like the rest of heaven, but will wear an 'I told you so' smirk on their face. Then, people will ask Danny Hall, "If you are God and creator of all things great, who then is Satan?" And Lord Hall will open the floor of heaven, and there, ruling the underworld, is also Danny Hall. Upon seeing this, people's heads will begin to ache with this great paradox, but Danny Hall will glance at the members of his tribute Facebook group and give them a wink, and then they will know...

Happy Opening Day everyone.