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Gani Lawal just has "IT"

If you read FTRS, you know how much we like numbers. Like typical engineers, if we can't have data to back up an assumption or belief, it makes us uncomfortable. When it comes to Zach Peacock, most of us (excluding Ted--just read this discussion) watch him play and feel odd, we look at his stats and smile and say "something must be going right. look at the numbers!" For Gani Lawal, we watch him as he grabs rebounds and scores points, and he excites us. Eleven double-doubles, a quarter of which have come in ACC play will do that for you. But yet, the numbers don't show exactly what we would expect. What does Gani Lawal bring to the table that cannot be quantified?

What we do know is that Gani provides us with entertainment every time he's on the floor and simply has it. Through facebook I asked people what they though of Gani Lawal in 3 words or less and here are some of the best responses.

  • Not Paul Hewitt (oh snap!)
  • NBA next year (yep)
  • Hustling Rebound Machine
  • Mad on Rebounds
  • Absolute Beast
  • Borrowed my pencil
  • Usually dominant...usually

Simply, he has that "IT" factor that we've lacked for a very long time. That mythical "IT" factor that draws us in.

How would you describe Gani Lawal?