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College football preseason predictions

Preseason prognosticators are already out in full force. All of the sources I've seen have included the Jackets in the top 25. Mark Schlabach of ESPN has predicted a ranking of 24th for the Jackets 2010 season. Rivals/Yahoo! was a little more generous giving the Jackets a preseason ranking of 19th. The College Football Network one-ups Rivals with a healthy 16th place preseason ranking. Here's a breakdown of our opponents' and other interesting teams' preseason rankings:


I think a lot of Tech fans hope that Iowa rolls through the Big 10 this season to justify our poor bowl performance. Looking back at past bowl losses, we see a few teams using GT as a springboard for a good following season:


Some teams didn't do quite so hot following the bowl beat down of GT.

What are your thoughts on GT's preseason ranking? Too high, too low? What about the other notable team rankings?