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Paul Hewitt's Timeout Twitter Feed

Imagine a world where Paul Hewitt could tweet every time he called a timeout during a basketball game....

gtcoachhewitt: Just broke the sole of my shoe, need some time to repair it and ask the kids why they don't move when I yell motion. Think they may not be paying attention

gtcoachhewitt: Big inbounds play here, need some time to draw something up. Hopefully they don't play a zone when we come back out.

gtcoachhewitt: Story just broke that Miami landed a solid O-Line recruit. Want to let the team know the good news

gtcoachhewitt: Couple seconds into the second half, just realized I forgot to tell the team to play unselfishly during my locker room speech. Better take a full and let them know.

gtcoachhewitt: On a 7-0 run, been a while since a dead ball so I'm going to call a TO to get Brad Brad in

gtcoachhewitt: Just hit a HUGE three, crowd's going nuts. Gonna get the boys in here and settle them down..

gtcoachhewitt: 6 minutes left, would be nice to have a timeout. Will bring up adding more timeouts during offseason meetings.

gtcoachhewitt: 2 minutes left, I think they should give teams extra timeouts for the last two minutes.

gtcoachhewitt: 10 seconds left, wish I had a timeout to call.

What a wonderful world THAT would be....

(H/T Andrew Vodopia via Facebook and this stingtalk thread)