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2010 Football Recruits: Signing Day is Almost Here!



I wouldn't mind having her as my recruiting host!

Okay, obviously Brooklyn Decker has nothing to do with Georgia Tech recruiting news.  I just figured y'all would hang around longer if you could scroll up the page and have a hot chick to look at.  You know I'm right.  

Happy February!  Sorry for the lack of recruiting updates.  I've started a job and let's just say it's been a baptism by fire to this point.  My will to write at the end of the day has been taken away.  But we've got a BIG BIG update for you today with more to come throughout the week.  IT'S ALMOST SIGNING DAY!  FOOTBALL SEASON NEVER ENDS!

First off, check out this write up on the first commit in this class, Charles Perkins via the AJC.  

It was a busy recruiting weekend on campus.  It was the last weekend for official visits before NSD and it was also Junior Day for the 2011 recruiting class.  We had some big time Junior's on campus and handed out a number of official offers.  But we'll save the 2011 class for another day because we're about to close out a good recruiting class this week.

We had a couple of visitors over the weekend and received one commitment that we know of to this point.  Tony Zenon, a running back from Deerfield-Windsor High in Albany, GA committed to Tech on Saturday 1/30.  Tony is listed at 5'8" and 160 lbs, so obviously he'll be lining up at A-back for the Jackets.  Here are some highlights of Tony.



Even though he's a tiny guy, he's a pretty physical runner.  Like other CPJ running back recruits, he picks his running lane very quickly and hits it immediately.  This is an essential skill for an A-back in the Reckbone offense.  I don't think he's as fast as someone like Marcus Wright but I think he'll be able to be a contributor over the next 4-5 years.  The one knock on Tony is that his only other offers came from Marshall and Georgia Southern.  Therefore, his commitment will hurt the overall ranking of this class according to the recruiting services.  But CPJ is apparently quite high on this kid, so I will trust his judgement over some of the recruiting pundits any day.

After the jump we'll talk about 2 more members of the 2010 recruiting class.

Morgan Bailey is the 2nd O-line commit in this class, after Catlin Alford.  Morgan is an Offensive Tackle listed at 6'5" and 285 lbs.  He's a big big boy with a frame that will allow him to get bigger and stronger without losing any of his explosiveness off the ball.  And that last point will be the key for Morgan, and any other O-line recruit for the Reckbone offense.  Check out this extremely long highlight video of Morgan's junior campaign.  

Like I said, he's a big boy.  Morgan is the prototypical tackle for our offense.  Look for him to have great success in the future.  Between current starters and last year's class I see Morgan red-shirting next year to learn the system.  That will help him a lot as Morgan has said that he plans to major in Physics at Tech.  Good luck with that one Morgan!  

The next recruit in this class is cornerback Ryan Ayers.  Ayers is the highest rated player in this class according to many recruiting sites.  Ryan is the only member of our recruiting class to participate in the Under Armour HS All-American game that was on ESPN a couple weeks ago.  

He hails from South Paulding HS in Douglasville, GA.  He's listed at 5'10" and about 180 lbs.  While he has a pretty skinny frame, he's not afraid to get after it and be aggressive at the line of scrimmage.  Check out this highlight video of his junior year (I hope it works for y'all, it was being kind of flaky when I wrote this).

I have high hopes for Ryan to become a star at Tech.  We are going to need fast, physical corners like him in Al Groh's aggressive style of defense.  With the various zone blitzing schemes that Groh uses, often times our corners will be left one-on-one with the opposing teams receivers.  We're going to need some great athletes out there and Ryan will certainly help us in that area.  However, there is a lot of talent already in place at the corner position at Tech.  Everyone who saw action at the corner spot (Tarrant, Reid, Butler, Sweeting, and Peterson) will be back next year.  It is a tough call on whether or not Ayers plays as a true freshman.  But I think he'll really have to shine in fall practice to see the field next year because there's just too much established talent back there.  Plus, CPJ has often stated that he would like for all freshman to redshirt a year to get acclimated to the college game.

That's it for now.  Much more to come as the week progresses.  Hopefully, we'll have a surprise signing day commit to get really excited about.

Also, Winfield will be attending the signing day function at the Edge Center the morning of NSD, so if there are any readers out there just dying to meet Winfield who haven't already, he's the nerdy looking kid who will be trying to work on his Senior Design Project and cover the GT football team at the same time.  You won't be able to miss him.  HA!


Thanks for reading