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What do you want me to say about basketball?

Winfield called me last night after the game. He wanted me to write something up about the game since I watched the whole game from tip-off to Hail Mary. A normal person would probably write about the frustrating season we're having or the state of the program or the color of Paul Hewitt's jacket. I just kinda want to lay out some numbers for you all today on this freezing cold, Winter afternoon. Since Paul Hewitt has been at Tech...

1. GT is tied for 16th in total NBA Draft picks (7) with five other programs.
2. GT is tied for 33rd in total NCAA Tournament appearances (5) with thirteen other programs.
3. GT is tied for 32nd in total NCAA Tournament wins (7) with six other programs.

For most programs, these would be fairly decent signs of success. However, we're competing with teams from the ACC in the Spring not teams from Conference USA. Since Paul Hewitt has been at Tech...

1. GT is tied for 4th in ACC NBA Draft picks with Florida State.
2. GT is tied for 6th in ACC NCAA Tournament appearances with NC State.
3. GT is tied for 4th in ACC NCAA Tournament wins with BC and Wake.

Paul Hewitt has a winning record against only 3 ACC teams (FSU, Clemson, and UVA). The only active coaches left in the ACC with sub-0.500 records against Hewitt are Sidney Lowe (2-4) and Roy Williams (6-7). He's somehow managed a losing record against UGA (the 3rd worst SEC program all-time and the 4th worst SEC program during Hewitt's tenure). This also includes an overall record of 8-11 against SEC teams since 2000.

I don't really know what else there is to say about Hewitt. Our teams either stumble into the tournament averaging a 7 seed and a 2 and done situation or we're so bad we can't even make the postseason NIT. I don't know if it's a lack of emphasis on the regular season or a lack of ingame intensity or something along those lines. All I know is that postseason success directly correlates to seeding. Playing a sloppy regular season, receiving a low NCAA bid, and dropping out in the first couple of rounds is not an indicator of success but rather a birthright for middle tier ACC squads in the midst of elite basketball recruiting grounds. Elite ACC squads put together complete seasons and receive high NCAA bids. Personally, I think the current state of the program prevents Georgia Tech from ever receiving a high enough seed to win the whole thing. What do you all think?