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During The Season Don't Forget Those In Need

The holiday season is a great time to reunite with friends and family. Many of us will be attending Christmas parties, writing out Christmas lists and deciding how many gifts to buy for those we know. However, there are some of us who can't think about how what they want for Christmas because they are more focused on what they need just to their families safe and healthy. Two opportunities have come to our attention, one in the local Atlanta area and the other for a blogger colleague of ours. Please consider the two opportunities as a way for you to extend some kindness and generosity that has surely been given to you in past seasons.

1.  Cypress Street Pint and Plate: G is for Giving

If you know me well enough, you know that I enjoy Cypress Street quite frequently. I was there a few nights ago and I read the following note about the Parks Family who lost their house and their 10 month old son in a fire recently.  The newsletter below fills you in on the details. This is a great opportunity to help a local family. Click here to go to the facebook page for more information.


2. JD Mauss Is In Need Of A Service Dog

Jeremy Mauss is a fellow SBN blogger for MountainWestConnection. His son, JD, will be turning 3 soon and needs a service dog as he has Autism, Periventricular Leukomalacia and mild Cerebral Palsy. A service dog for JD would be similar to a seeing-eye dog for a blind person. The Mauss Family needs to raise $13,000 of the required $22,000 for the dog to have the proper training necessary to be a service dog. Currently the fund stands at just over $2,500 when this article was written.



More information can be found at Jeremy's blog post, or here at Paws 4 Life, the organization that trains these service dogs. Paw 4 Life is also the only organization that can provide a child of JD's age with a service dog.

These days,there are plenty of opportunities and areas that we can give and donate our time and money. Please consider these two cases for your generosity, support, and publicity.