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Statistical Progression of Tech Hoopsters from 2009 to 2010...

I started reading about APBRmetrics in hoops the other day and it got me to wondering how Tech's cagers have progressed from the 2009-2010 season to this season. We've played roughly 30% of our schedule and I think it's highly debatable whether or not our pre-ACC slate was as tough as the upcoming 2011 ACC slate. So for the sake of argument we're assuming all of our games are against equivalent opponents.

I wanted to focus on the six key returners: Lance Storrs, Maurice Miller, Iman Shumpert, Mfon Udofia, Brian Oliver, and Glen Rice, Jr.. So all stats (including the collective "team" category) from here on out are referring to these six players only. The first group of stats are the unit's progression as free throw shooters and their effective field goal percentage. Effective field goal percentage (eFG%) is basically the slugging percentage of hoops. A player who shoots and makes two three point attempts out of six shots has the same effective shooting percentage as a player who who makes three layups out of six attempts. The formula looks like this:
eFG% = (2 Point FGM + 3 Point FGM*1.5)/(Total FGA)
For Tech, the leader in FT% is Mo Miller by a long shot. This season he hasn't missed a shot improving his overall FT% by 19% since last season. Only Mfon Udofia has failed to meet or surpass last season's FT% out of our key returner group.


Unfortunately, our entire unit's effective field goal percentage has declined since last season. I think this is definitely indicative of the tough slate we've played and the rust wearing off from 7 or so months off from live fire. I expect our eFG% to improve especially with Glen Rice shooting better since the season's outset.

The next chart may be a little too colorful but I couldn't really think of a better way to convey what's going on amongst our guards. The chart will display the net improvement on last season's stats for each of the key six (all stats are based on a per minute efficiency basis).


I think it's promising that our players have reduced their overall turnover rate by 21% and have increased their steal and assist rates. Points and rebound rate increases make sense considering we lost our leading rebounders and points scorers to last season's Draft. Any thoughts out there?