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Work Interferes With Blogging DiscussionThread: BCS, John Swofford, etc Thoughts?

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For the 2nd half of last week, Bird and I took a combined 5 days off work with neither of us having back-ups and fill ins. Therefore we are both playing catch up today and the content is well below average this afternoon. However, there has been some interesting college football points brought up over the weekend and this morning that we'd like to see our community's opinion revealed. Here are some topics that I am curious about:

1. The BCS. Dr. Saturday wrote an article today about the top-4 in the BCS and how Boise and TCU continue to get jumped. Seriously, if they can't get in the MNC this year, it will never happen. What do you think?

2. NoleCC of brought this interesting article about as it rips John Swofford for fining the Florida State soccer team for not breaking any rules. In summary, John Swofford is a little girl.

3. Josh Nesbitt thoughts to come later this week, but spring-boarding off a fanpost ealier this week, what do you think his next step is?

4. Finally, the ACC. What must the conference do to get better? Is it recruiting? Is it cyclical?