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VPI Post Game Thoughts

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Beamer Ball strikes. Again.
Beamer Ball strikes. Again.

We begin this post-game wrap-up with a moment of silence for Joshua Nesbitt, who after rushing for 86 yards (including a 71 yard homerun on 3-and-1), likely ended his chances of improving his now ACC-record for rushing yards from a QB by breaking his forearm (I think it's a fracture of his Radius, but I have yet to confirm this). The fate of our now 5-4 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets now lies in the pretty capable hands of Tevin Washington, who showed some serious mettle last night after a few opening series in which he looked a little out of sorts. However, the AJC seems to think there is some good news...

Nesbitt would like to be back for a bowl game, but I don't have much faith that it will happen. Or do I? He broke his arm trying to make a pretty athletic tackle after an interception, which is yet another testament to this "warrior" figure that the fans have come to know him as. 

I only have a few thoughts to share from a personal level on the performance by Georgia Tech last night against Virginia Tech, as it will be something to be mulled over all weekend, especially as we get the benefit of watching Miami play Maryland.

- If I watch Stephen Hill miss another ball thrown right into the number 5 on his chest, I might have to start taking Xanax. He is a big, physical wide out, and all of that athletic talent is a waste on the field without hands and the ability to use that strength to fight for a ball against a small single-coverage cornerback.

- Tevin Washington is ready. Sure, he Favred his last chance to get into the endzone at the end of the game, but he got a taste of prime time football on the biggest stage that Georgia Tech gets outside of a bowl game, and he performed very well. I expect that our quarterback situation will be better off than Miami's next Saturday, as Jacory Harris's head may very well have been rattled harder than Coach Shannon has anticipated, and their backup Stephen Morris showed a case of athletic schizophrenia in last week's loss to Virginia.

- I don't look into the procedure penalties as much as His Majesty, Craig James does. Lane Stadium holds 67,000 loud people on a Thursday night (I'm sure Bird/Winfield will attest to this). The Jackets struggled to maintain composure at Death Valley in Clemson, where the decibels get into ridiculous ranges. Obviously, GT needs more preparation for big away games, but I don't view it as a lack of discipline so much as I blame it on adding a deafening roar to the amount of things the brain already has to process when implementing the Triple Option offense in a high-pressure situation, thereby causing occasional overload. Craig James would like to think that we pull for a bunch of undisciplined and frightened technical college guys, but I know our offense (and Institute) well enough to scoff at that assessment.

- Anthony Allen is still good. There's no denying it. Watch some tapes of him running at Louisville with Bobby Petrino's fly-and-drive offense. He was all over the field like a cheetah. At Georgia Tech, he put on some serious muscle and can just pound up the middle. Thanks to his versatility and varied experience as a running back, he can find the open seams when he gets past the D-line by having honed his skills under two different offenses. His 33 yard scamper last night was big proof of that, as he put up 125 yards on 23 carries.


There's no denying that Virginia Tech is a good team with a lot of upside in David Wilson (see: athletic freak), and this is a completely different monster than the team that dropped one to James Madison. Georgia Tech learned a lot yesterday about how good they really are, and learned that there isn't anyone left on the schedule that they can't beat. Given the circumstances of last night's game, and the outcome, I feel very confident about the previous statement; however, there isn't a sure victory left either. It is up to GT to play its best football, and not (as the cliche goes) beat themselves with penalties and turnovers.

Also, I'm not talking about special teams. Kickoffs, punting, I'm just not talking about it. Ask me in a week when I'm over it.