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Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech: Heaven or Hell Tonight?

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Where will the Yellow Jackets tread tonight? Heaven or Hell?

Let's talk about the Hokies. Winner of 6 straight and current leaders of the ACC Coastal division, Virginia Tech is a daunting challenge for the Yellow Jackets this evening.

Can the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets step up in primetime? On ESPN? The greatest test against "good teams don't lose two games in a row" comes tonight.

As you read this, you'll realize I wrote this rushed. I am currently en route to Blacksburg where I will drive 7 hours, watch 4 hours of football, and then drive 7 hours home. (Gotta love weddings right?). In the the rest hours there will be a mini blogger-palooza that will include Joe from TheKeyPlay, furrer4heisman of GobblerCountry and Bird of this very site. Next time we will tell weddings planners to take a hike when they interfere with bloggerpaloozas.

I don't think there is much to say about this game. Out of all our opponents I think we know the most about georgie and Virginia Tech so I feel like I'll just be re-hashing old material but here's the gist: We NEED this game. Badly. Desperately. To right the season, to keep us in the season. We NEED this game. The Hokies have clearly turned their season around. They dominate the middle portion of the football game. It's their house. Why should the lose? Because we need this game.

The Hokies weakness is in their defense. They are young and have shown they have the ability to falter. Their strengths are in their offense with the combination of Tyrod Taylor and the 100 Proof Backfield they have multiple options to produce. The 2010 season has shown that the Jackets have limited options to produce but at times, have been able to put a drive or two together. That has to happen tonight.

We need this game.

Not the greatest write-up for sure but it's all I got. Post your thoughts here for GT / VPI discussion!