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Lead Changes in the ACC Coastal Division Race

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The Coastal Race since 2005
The Coastal Race since 2005
Let's talk about ACC Coastal Division History. Out of the six Coastal teams, only Duke and Carolina have failed to be on top of the Coastal standings for at least one week since 2005. VT has spent the most weeks as king of the Coastal Standings with 18 weeks since 2005. There have been 11 lead changes in the Coastal Standings since 2005. The latest lead change in Coastal Division history occurred in 2008. VT overtook GT in the final week of the regular season by defeating UVA and claiming the tiebreaker over GT.

VT's current 4 week stretch of leading the Coastal is a bad sign for GT. No team has ever lost the Coastal Title after sitting alone at the top of the Coastal standings for at least 4 weeks (2006/2009 GT and 2005 VT). GT's best bet at this point is to win and hope UNC can pull a miracle out of their ass by knocking off VT in Chapel Hill. Since 2008, ACC teams after post-GT are 7-14.