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In Which I Try To Put My Georgia/Georgia Tech Thoughts On Paper

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Trying to put football thoughts on paper this AM for the PM. If you read it later, just expect an unsorted rambling about football.less than a minute ago via web


You've been warned......

I don't like losing. I especially don't like losing when it's against the Bulldogs. Saturday night was a game, where once again, Paul Johnson out-coached the opposing coach and extracted the maximum amount of effort, energy, and talent that was available in his players, and still came just short.

Disappointed is a good word to describe the game on Saturday. Depressing is not. Depressing was 2009, where they had absolutely no reason to be on the same field as us and we watched them run through us like we were the run through banner at the beginning of the game. 2010 was just two mediocre teams playing to keep their heads slightly more above water than the other. What bothers me the most is how quickly Paul Johnson got criticized for losing to Georgia. If you're going to complain about losing to Georgia, I expect you to complain moreso about us losing 6 games right after winning the conference championship. Didn't hear much about that point. I heard radio show hosts and fans all calling and complaining about everything and anything ranging from his recruiting tactics, to his personality, to his play-calling and why that means probable doom against the enemy. The Georgia loss was just one more bad game in a bad season.

There no such things as moral victories against the Bulldogs. However, I think the Yellow Jackets surprised everyone on the field, including their own fans. Nobody really thought that we were going to hang with the Aaron Murray / AJ Green combination. If smart, the Bulldogs would deep bomb all night. Fortunately, we saw sparks of life that kept us in the game. Sparks that make me say me say " the only thing holding us back is us". Would you believe the Jackets put up more yards in 2010 than they did in the now legendary 2008 football game? I'd have laughed if told that fact. Small things add up. And when you throw in a new defensive scheme, I guess we're one of the teams where that is just too much for one season.

In a few days, maybe a week or two, I'll re-watch the game for the coaching adjustments. From all memory, statistics, and hearsay, Paul Johnson's 2nd-half blocking adjustment led to some big things for Anthony Allen and the running attack (29 carries, 166 yards). It's these adjustments that tell me we have the man we need to coach on The Flats. It's these adjustments that tell me he's better than Mark Richt.

I wrote a while back that if we beat Georgia, it wouldn't suddenly turn the season into a good one. The loss to Georgia in this bad year, certainly doesn't change my outlook on the season either. The whole season sucked and I am ready to see it, acknowledge it, move on and forget it.  I will continue to wear my gold, no matter the number of successes or failures for Georgia Tech.

Go Jackets!