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The Preview Meant to End Georgia's Bowl Streak

I'm just gonna hit the hot topics today for the preview and they're all offensive. I'm given Al Groh and company a break since we know they'll have their hands full in the passing game.

Quarterback Jinx
Let's be frank. Georgia Tech quarterback play has been awful in Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate since George Godsey graduated. Chan Gailey recruits have mustered a measly 85.5 quarterback rating against Georgia since 2002's edition of the game. Eight different players have thrown passes against Georgia since 2002 but only four of those guys actually threw touchdown passes. Five of them threw picks. We've had backups play due to injury three times since 2002 and the backups somehow outperformed the starters (101.4 QB rating versus 81.3 QB rating).

Tevin Washington is coming into a game that has seen Gailey quarterbacks sacked once every 11.6 pass plays. The average during this time frame was actually one sack allowed per 17.5 pass plays. In 2010, Tech is allowing a sack every 10.3 pass plays. This does not bode well for Tevin or Tech's passing offense.

The last two times a season backup signal callers ended the regular season as a starter against Georgie, Tech lost. Stu Rogers started for Mike Kelley in 1980 and Tech was shelled 38-20 in Athens. In 1987, Darrell Gast played for injured Rick Strom and Tech lost 30-16 in Atlanta. Tech only won four games combined in 1980 and 1987 and neither of those seasons had nearly the rushing attack to lean on that we do in 2010.

B-Back and Red Zone Issues
I'm hoping we lean on our rushing attack particularly up the gut. I'm hoping Anthony Allen puts this team on his shoulders. I'm hoping we stick to a consistent dose of fullback dive and midline option. Allen has shown over the past four weeks that if you continue to feed him the rock, he will pile up yards. Since Clemson, Allen has rushed for 3 or more yards 72.2% of the time and only been stopped for a loss once in 72 carries. Sadly, Anthony Allen also set a CPJ GT B-Back record for consecutive carries without a touchdown (89 straight). He hasn't scored a TD since his last carry against Middle Tennessee State. We're gonna need AA to play big in order to win.

And why do we need AA to play big? 'Cause we can't score in the red zone. In 2010, Nesbitt's offense scored 88.6% of the time in the red zone. Since his injury, we've only scored on 44.4% of the drives into an opponent's red zone. The worst part about this is that our TD percentage in the red zone dropped from 65.7% to 22.2% after Joshua broke his arm. Allen has to lead the way in the red zone. It is a must.

Bird: I'm not optimistic but my logic is clouded by hatred. Tech wins 20-12 in a sloppy, cold game.

Winfield: Georgia Tech makes the game winning TD as time expires to win the ball game 27-24.