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Georgia Tech vs. Duke Post-Game. Bowl Eligible. Anything Else?

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Style points don't matter anymore other than the alleviation of our frazzled mental states. And when you are losing to Duke for an entire half of play, you get frazzled. I don't really think it's worth getting into any depth of the game because what mattered most was the win and the move into bowl eligibility. While the season has been frustrating, not getting to bowl eligible status would have been the embarrassing cherry on the embarrassing top. At least we don't have to face that issue.

David Cutcliffe is slowly and surely getting the Blue Devils on a respectable level. One day, maybe we won't roll our eyes when we say "We're playing Duke this week."

Random Thoughts:

- Fans who don't come to games are not true fans. Fans who choose not to go to football games because they are "bored by the matchup" need to straighten up. The attendance was disappointing and sad. (Edited at 8:46 AM thanks to No_Dak Jacket.

-  I got slightly emotional when we all said goodbye to Joshua Nesbitt during Senior Day. He will be missed.

- Tevin Washington continues to impress me as a quarterback in the Paul Johnson system and I am less worried about what we'll do at that position next year.

- Thank you Stephen Hill for catching a football and scoring a touchdown

- Bowl eligibility feels good

Looking forward

We have managed to survive a high majority of the football season with one game to go. THE game that, for some, defines any and all football seasons. This game of overall mediocre football is bigger in magnitude because, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets can keep the georgie bulldogs from being bowl eligible. I will smile with contentment if we are able to do so.

Happy Hate Week! Go Jackets!