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Q/A with Virginia Tech's Key Play

CGB of the Key Play responded to a sequence of thought-provoking questions related to our upcoming game against his beloved Hokies. Enjoy his responses, if you dare...

FTRS: Concerning VT receivers, what skills do Boykin, Coale, and Roberts bring to the table for the VT offense? Who is the clutch go to guy for the 4th quarter grab? Who is the deep threat? Do any of the receivers have a case of the drop-sies?

CGB: Generally speaking, Coale is the underneath guy, Dyrell is the STRAIGHT BURNER and Boykin is a mix of both and has been Tyrod's big play receiver. Tight end Andre Smith has really worked himself into the red zone game plan (10 catches 4 touchdowns).

I'm sure each one of the receivers has dropped a catchable ball, but none of them have made a habit of it.

FTRS: How has the VT O-line performed in 2010? Has it exceeded or failed to meet expectations? Is there a Duane Brown amongst this Hokie group or will GT be facing a gaggle of Ed Wangs?

CGB: In my opinion they've underachieved, but that's my fault for believing the hype. Every season is supposed to be the season we have a dominate line, and every year we start off embarrassing ourselves and then trend up towards respectability.

FTRS: Who are the consistent stars on this defense? All we hear about the Hokies from the talking heads is that Bud Foster is herding a bunch of kittens around on defense. Is this an accurate assessment of the defensive state of Southwestern Virginia football?

CGB: There are a lot of young faces anchoring and contributing this season on defense. We looked downright abysmal through our first ten quarters of football, but things started to turnaround in the second half against NC State. That reversal coincided with Foster running a heavy dose of Nickel which took under performing whip Jeron Gouveia-Winslow out of the game. Traditionally, whip has been our playmaking position, but because of GW's inexperience and ineffectiveness it has become a liability.

Starting from the defensive line and working back to the secondary the stars have been defensive tackle Antoine Hopkins, linebacker Bruce Taylor and corner Jayron Hosely. Defensive tackle John Graves in the unquestioned leader of the defense, but for my money Hopkins has outperformed him. At the beginning of spring practice and continuing into August camp the coaches called out Hopkins for being lazy and not giving 100% effort throughout the entire game. He's definitely stepped up and is playing with a high motor this season. Bruce struggled with tackling in the open field against Boise State and JMU, but he's gone pure beast mode now and is flying all over the field. Although, Bruce will be at a limited mobility with a high ankle sprain. Jayron has 5 interceptions in 7 games, don't throw his way. Oh that's right, you guys don't throw the ball.

FTRS: Are Hokie fans at all concerned with Al Groh? I'd like to think Al Groh is the recently divorced/cheated on husband. The Cavaliers are Groh's ex-wife while the Hokies are the catalyst for the failed marriage (e.g. an alternative lifestyle child or home foreclosure).

CGB: In what way should we be concerned? Concerned that Al Groh might decide to put on a gold beret and read poetry to us at the half? Or should we be concerned that his mere presence on CPJ's staff will help to sink Georgia Tech to UVa levels of mediocrity. Neither of those are particularly concerning to me, nor is year one of his 3-4 defense pieced together with 4-3 parts.

FTRS: Do you think Virginia Tech would ever pull a Bobby Bowden-esque outing of Beamer if things fell apart for a couple years? Basically, do you think VT fans are classier than FSU fans?

CGB: I have two balls, neither of them are crystal... But seriously, I hope not. Beamer built us from nothing and as far as I'm concerned he's earned the right to stay as long as he wants. I have enough faith in him that he'll hang it up when he can no longer do the job.

FTRS: The average Hokie fan brings three things to a tailgate...

CGB: Bourbon, some sort of delicious dead animal and some sort of heat to cook said delicious dead animal.

FTRS: I know several GT fans making the trek to Blacksburg for Thursday Night. What sights and sounds should Yellow Jacket fans take in if this is their first trip to Blacksburg?

CGB: "Several" seems like a good estimation for the number of Georgia Tech fans making the trip north. Top of the Stairs (or TOTs) off of Main Street is one place you want to be certain to go to. When you get there, order a rail, sip and relax. For good eats, check out Mike's Grill on Main Street and even though it is a (small) chain, Sub Station II on Turner St. Finally, I always stop by the 4/16 Memorial to pay my respects as it helps me remember that football is only football.

Thanks to CGB of the Key Play. Check 'em out before Thursday and from thenceforth. Here are my responses to his questions.