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Discussing Bowl Projections for the Jackets

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Could Tech possibly face the Wildcats in their own backyard?  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Could Tech possibly face the Wildcats in their own backyard? (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Right now, the Jackets are looking at five bowl possibilities as we'll most likely finish the season tied for 5th with five other teams in the ACC (4-4 record). I'm predicting Georgia Tech, Maryland, Boston College, Clemson, and North Carolina to finish 4-4. Then, it'll be cluster as to who goes where, who gets screwed, and who gets more than what they deserve. If fan base size and traveling were considered, I'd say GT falls below Clemson and UNC in the pecking order and above BC and Maryland.

Meineke Car Care Bowl (Charlotte, NC) vs. Big East #3

Bird: I think this is by far the best bowl we can go to. It's within close driving distance to me. Charlotte is a very fun town and it gives Tech fans in the Carolinas a chance to see Tech one last time before the Winter-Spring-Summer hiatus. A likely match up with UConn or USF would be a great chance for Tech to flex its muscle against a lesser BCS team in a bowl game for once.

Winfield:Charlotte is always an enjoyable city and I would never turn down a chance to go there. I view it as a cleaner, smaller Atlanta and there is a good fan base around the area in North Carolina so I think we could have a decent turnout for this game.

Music City Bowl (Nashville, TN) vs. SEC #7

Bird: A danceoff with Arkansas or Kentucky would probably result in a loss for Tech this season. This is by far the hardest match up we'd be facing in bowl game scenarios. Nashvllle gives Tech fans another metro to party in and I think there are fair number of Tennessean Tech Men to fill the stands particularly if Tech can take some momentum from the regular season into the bowl game.

Winfield: Staying on the East Coast is key for any Georgia Tech squad trying to secure a bowl bid because of our notorious ability to not travel to bowl games. Naturally said statement would mean Nashville and Charlotte need to be our priorities and they are mine as well. Nashville was a great time during Halloween weekend, why wouldn't it be fun during New Years Eve as well?

Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA) vs. MWC #3

Bird: I like this bowl game for one reason. We'll get either BYU or San Diego State. Both are very beatable teams that Tech can line up man-man and blow off the ball. The location of the bowl is awful and I doubt many Tech fans outside the Gulf area make this trip.

Winfield: I will not go to Shreveport unless I am the only one in my group who doesn't want to go. The place seems ruinous, desolate, and just plain sad. I'd rather go 5 hours more south to New Orleans and watch the game from a bar.

Military Bowl (Washington, D.C.) vs. CUSA #2-#6

Bird: Obviously, ECU and SMU can be trouble for big time teams. Southern Mississippi destroyed Kansas the week after Kansas played the game of its life against us. This actually could be a fun shootout type atmosphere if our offense plays full out. Plus, a bowl game in D.C. intrigues me a lot. It's not an awful location and a relatively easy flight for Tech fans to make.

Winfield: Washington DC is a toss-up. The match-up would be a lose-lose because no team in a BCS conference should ever play any of those teams and if we win, it was expected. If we lose well....ugh. However, it's Washington DC! Does a bowl game even matter if we're 6-6? I just don't know if my heart will be in it.

What are your thoughts on the bowl games? We also may be relegated to the ACC's #9 Bowl Bid, which is the Pac 10's final spot in San Fransisco's Kraft Hunger Bowl. I doubt it, however, as this is a special place left over for Boston College's inevitable descent.