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georgie Is The Only Game That Matters. But I Will Not Find Complete Solace In It

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(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
(Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
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 It's easy for me to say with a smile, "As long as we beat georgie, it's a good year," when we are winning. But now, as the 2nd phrase is manifesting itself at the end of this dreadful season, I wonder if I can really take solace in one victory that will magically salvage the season. Will it really undue losing to 3-7 Kansas or getting blown at home twice?

A win over georgie brings satisfaction to every good Tech fan no doubt. And in no way am I suggesting us to just mail in the rest of the season. I definitely want to see us win just because I want us to win every game. But will you say it's been a good year? I may have said it in years past (especially during the Chan Gailey vanilla years) but I feel I cannot say it anymore. Why? Because in his first two years, Coach Paul Johnson elevated our program to a higher level than Gailey could and I will not find 100% satisfaction in only beating georgie. I expect to win games and to make respectable bowl games as much as I expect to beat the bulldogs.

When November 27th comes around, I'll be in Athens cheering on my Yellow Jackets as I always do. I'll be living and dying on every third down and every scoring play. When we come out with a victory, I'll be happy and satisfied...but only for this game. I'll be living in the moment. When I look back at the 2010 season as a whole, I will not have a smile on my face. I will try to see it as an aberration rather than a standard for Georgia Tech football because I have set my sights on levels above mediocrity.