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How Do You Make Tailgating And Technology Work Together?

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There are a wide variety of ways you can tailgate and properly prepare for a football game. While there is no wrong answer, there are varying degrees of intensity that a tailgate can contain, one of them being technology.

Head on down to the AMC Lot on Georgia Tech's campus, and you'll find a group of RV's where each RV has a different game hooked up to its satellite dish and is playing its own type of music. Walk around, grab a chair, socialize and catch up on some football.

My group tailgates on the IC Lawn where more "traditional" tailgates occur, less RV's and more canopies, but plenty of TV's. Most groups have 1 TV with 3 or 4 extension cords bringing the power. However, my group currently has no advanced technology under our tent. No, we focus on the ways of old, food, corhole, ladder golf, and tossing the football. An interesting discussion came about my group when I mentioned the possibility of bringing a TV into the tailgate next year. "Does a TV interrupt the socializing?" Next time you're at your tailgate check out how groups around you have people talking and hanging out vs. glued to the TV and not talking whatsoever. It's an interesting think-piece for sure, one again with no wrong answer.

Readers, how do you use technology for your tailgate? Or are you a basic and simple person like me?