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Georgia Tech vs. Miami: Where The Jackets MUST Get Back On Track

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I would have loved nothing more than to see one of our Yellow Jackets take Jacory Harris out of the ball game with a vicious hit, but alas, we'll just have to watch this clip again:

I am sure I am party of the rare minority that can't stand the hype that Jacory receives. He can't throw, arcs the ball way too high and throws too many interceptions because of this. Last year in Miami, we got beat defensively because our secondary got beat by the receivers. **End of Jacory Harris Rant***

Tomorrow is a battle of the back up quarterbacks and which one makes the big mistake first. Tevin Washington comes in after putting together a surprisingly solid performance against Virginia Tech and has years of experience under his belt. The quarterback for Miami is named Stephen Morris, a true freshman. Though he's just a true freshman, he has already demonstrated skill at his position. Last Saturday against Maryland, Morris got his first start and took the Hurricanes to victory and on route grabbed the ACC Rookie of the Week. Can Al Groh eat some nails for breakfast and get his defense hungry to eat Stephen Morris for lunch?

The Hurricanes are having the typical season under Randy Shannon, a winning season but not really beating  anyone of any stature convincingly. Remember when they dropped 45 on FAMU and everyone thought Ohio State was going to have a tough time? Yeah, not so much. The Canes are averaging 26 ppg (FAMU not included) and giving up 22.25 ppg. They like 'em close and based on our resume, all things point to this being a close game that won't be decided until the 4th quarter.

I have struggled most recently with these previews because of how up-and-down our team is coupled with the same questionable style of the ACC. It's difficult to find something unique to the schools we play as we get later into the season. My thoughts tell me that the key to a move towards victory is to make Stephen Morris feel like a freshman and stop the Miami wide receivers. Two names to watch out for are Leonard Hankerson and Travis Benjamin. Both players are averaging well over 50 yards receiving per game while Hankerson has amassed 10 receiving touchdowns himself. Against Clemson this year, Hankerson torched the Tigers for 3 touchdowns and 147 yards.

An intangible key for the Jackets is to find the special sauce we had back in 2008. You remember 2008 vs. Miami don't you? The game where we just straight up LET.THEM.HAVE.IT!


Bird 21-20 Tech

Winfield: Tech takes the win away from Miami in the 4th quarter. 24-20.