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The Preview of Questions Abounding: Georgia Tech vs. Virginia

Let's talk about the Virginia Cavaliers. ZIMA!ZIMA!ZIMA! haha

The game against Wake Forest was frustrating and questions continue to surround the football team, mainly starting with "W" and ending with"F?".  Last year, the Jackets ran against the Cavaliers for over 400 yards and took over an entire quarter of time possession to slooowwwlly weeaarrr thhhee deeffense dooown. In 2008, the Cavaliers came to Atlanta during Homecoming and shocked us all for a win.

Questions loom: 1. How will Virginia act when they see their old coach? 2. What will Al Groh do when he sees  his old team?

Answers have been talked about: 1. Players are motivated 2. Al Groh is a Georgia Tech man

We had a Q&A with Brendan from the UVA blog FFromOldVirginia. The most important question we needed to understand was what has Mike London done to the UVA football scheme and how it would affect the Georgia Tech attack.

London ditched Groh's 3-4 and switched to a 4-3. So the difference in scheme there will be night and day. It'll also be a lot smaller and quicker, which worries me against GT: I always felt like Groh's 3-4 with beefy, NFL-sized (though slower) players was the best counter to GT's triple option.



Now on to the intangibles....

Score Predictions:

Winfield: Another game like it's always been. Tech wins somehow 31-26