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Georgia Tech running backs diagnosed with fumble-itis!

In 2009, our starting backfield fumbled 28 snaps, handoffs, and pitches. That's a rate of exactly two fumbles per game (total fumbles not fumbles lost). In 2010, we've fumbled 14 times, which is a rate of 2.8 fumbles per game. This is a 40% increase in fumbles per game. Now, a lot of people may think this is the trigger man, Josh Nesbitt, delivering bad pitches or making poor reads. I kinda think it's a little bit more than that. Here's a comparison of the 2009 A-Back, B-Back, and Quarterback fumbling rates:


Nesbitt's fumble rate has actually decreased by about 2%. The A-Back fumble rate has increased by 124%... while the B-Back fumble rate for 2010 has increased by 180%!!! We are putting the ball on the ground at a pretty astounding rate. In 5 games, Anthony Allen has fumbled as many times as Jonathan Dwyer did in all of 2009. The A-Backs are one short of tying last season's mark. The receivers aren't the only players on the field who have problems securing the football.