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I Tried Writing And Telling You About My Wake Forest Experience And This Is What You Got

This is my third draft of "Winfield's Excellent Adventure to Winston-Salem, North Carolina!" but it's not quite working but here are a few things. I wish I had pictures.

First, I love roadtrips. This is my last chance to sweep the football season and this drive re-vitalized me because sometimes a roadtrip is all about the car ride and the anticipation of football victory. I flew to Kansas and rode on a bus to Chapel Hill, not quite the same. Roadtrips are how you meet people you don't know as well and also where you strengthen your friendships.

Second, I guess we tailgated at the wrong area but there were no bathrooms over near our tailgate. Instead I had to walk from the south side to the northeastern side of the tailgate to find a bathroom. Once I left my tailgate, it was dead quiet. Just a lot of empty cars because they all went to the county/city/random fair being held. Note to the readers: When in this situation: don't drink bourbon and ginger, just leave the cup behind because you're suddenly going to be surrounded by happy families with little kids who just want cotton candy. #awkwardmoment

Thirdly, As Bird noted earlier, the attendance was just over 30,000 people. What a depressing crowd. But it makes sense too because Winston-Salem is pretty depressing. It looks like when society went after cigarettes, it also went after Winston-Salem and everything kind of rolled up on top of itself.

Fourthly, while BB&T Field really wasn't all that bad. I hate turf fields. Bring back the grass and quit being lazy groundskeepers. There is something romantic about football and grass and mud and proving that you worked hard over the four quarters of football. There is nothing romantic about football and artificial turf.

Fifthly, I give you this picture to close out my Wake Forest trip. It's a Willy Wonka-esque Demon Deacon. What?


via FTRS reader JBar