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Wake Forest Football Post Game Thoughts

There were some good things and some bad things that I saw on Saturday night. Winfield went to Winston-Salem and plans on posting about the gameday atmosphere of Wake. After the jump, I'll start my post game wrap up...

Tech was scoring around 0.94 offensive points per minute of possession coming into the Wake Game. On Tech's first 10 possessions, we were scoring at a rate of 0.43 offensive points per minute of possession. On the final three possessions, we were scoring 2.62 points per minute of possession. For comparison's sake, we scored around 0.95 points per minute of possession in 2009.

Nesbitt passed for 50% last night. This was the 12th time in three years as a starter that Nesbitt has passed for 50% or more completions. He completed 6 of his final 10 passes. Nesbitt also hasn't thrown an interception since South Carolina State.

The defense held Wake Forest to 268 total yards. Since 2009, the only ACC squads to have lower total yards against Georgia Tech's defense were UVA and UNC last season.

After giving up back to back games of 50% or more 3rd down conversions, GT held Wake to 33% conversion rate.

Wake Forest has allowed 40 points/game in 2010. GT only scored 24. Wake Forest has allowed a 5 yard per carry average and 9 rushing touchdowns in 2010. GT scored no rushing touchdowns and was held to 4.4 yards per carry. If we can't run on one of the worst rushing defenses in the ACC, how does this bode well for Tech's remaining season?

GT's defense stymied an offense led by Wake Forest's 4th string quarterback.

Georgia Tech has turned the ball over 2.75 times per game before Saturday's game. GT lost 2 fumbles and failed to convert 1 fourth down. The average turnovers per game went up. Factor in 5 total fumbles and we're looking at another sloppy offensive effort.

In the first three quarters, simple Wake Forest blitzes got into the backfield relatively untouched. Our offensive line played about as porous as a spaghetti strainer. I don't know why Wake called off the dogs in the 4th quarter. Their defense that held us to 6 points suddenly crawled back into its shell and allowed Tech's two minute drill to march down the field and silence all 30,000 Wake faithful.

Injury to Will Jackson. Nesbitt got hit awkwardly a ton of times especially on passing downs. Brad Jefferson didn't make a single tackle for Tech's defense. The muffed punt by Jerrard Tarrant could've been the game ending play.

What are your thoughts? What good and what bad came out of the game?