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When Georgia Tech is Not Playing, How Do You Enjoy Football?

Some of you old-timers might have to set me straight on this one, but what was it like when you had no TV and only one football game to listen to on the radio? What did it feel like when you were able to actually watch a game on the television set with the big knobs?

Technology has become a tool for any and all people, communities, and events but especially for the college football fan and today I want to start a discussion about how technology has affected my college football Saturdays when I'm not in the stadium watching the game.

I've told you about when I was growing up, I had to listen to Wes Durham over the internet because we couldn't get the regional broadcasts of Georgia Tech to play up in Ohio. Thank you technology for making me a strong Georgia Tech fan.

In my family's travels, we moved to Nebraska and could not get consistent Georgia Tech football coverage on TV either. So we ordered the college football package offered by our cable provider. There I had just about every game imaginable that had a TV broadcast. There were days when I would walk downstairs at 10AM and not come back up until midnight, soaking up the football games. Thank you technology for making me a strong college football fan.

Technology has allowed for things to continuously change, including how we watch, view, and become knowledgeable about college football. I could talk about twitter all day but for this morning I want to talk about what we do when we aren't in the stadium watching a game. What do you do during your off week?

I become a football junkie. The off-week is probably the peak of when I lose all attraction levels to females because I camp out on my couch, drink beer, eat food, and watch as many games as possible. I specifically remember one week last year when it was myself, my roommate, and about two or three other people where we had 2 TV's and 3 computers plugged into ESPN360 and we watched 5 games at once all at the same time. Without the rise of technology and football we wouldn't even be able to think of such an act.

How have you used, or use, technology to maximize your bye week?