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Returning Guard Stats for Georgia Tech Hoops

The other day, we pointed out that we're not returning a lot of good stats with regards to our low post game. Today, I wanna show that we're actually returning a pretty important piece of the Paul Hewitt Puzzle: the 3 pointer. In Paul Hewitt's tenure, this is the third best group as far as returning 3 point shooters. Only our Final 4 and Final 4 plus 1 years had more returning 3 pointers made.


Concerning defensive stats, it's pretty obvious we're not bringing back any of our major blockers (Gani Lawal + Derrick Favors). New guys are gonna have to step up in that department but we're bringing back some pretty good pickpockets. Hopefully, Hewitt has a four guard offense up his sleeve for the 2010-2011 season.