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Preliminary BlogPoll

Winfield's Thoughts:My ballot needs your help. The only thing that will remain solid is the Oregon Ducks at #1, then it's a crapshoot. How do you, the reader, determine your Top 10 or Top 5? In the year that is college football right now, setting a Top-25 is hella difficult. My top 10 (for now): Oregon, Boise, TCU, Auburn, Michigan State, Missouri, Alabama, Stanford, Wisconsin

What are your thoughts on Utah? The Utes sit at 7-0 and have their best win at an average Pitt squad. If we're talking top mid-majors, they are distant third for sure but do they deserve to be a top-10 squad? Also, Virginia Tech seems to have righted their ship and is playing like the team we all expected them to be, so I slotted them in at #20...