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Paul Johnson teams after a loss...

I think Winfield is still drunk at the Esso Club so here are rehashed stats about Paul Johnson teams in build up to VT next week...

Since 2002, Paul Johnson teams are 25-13 after a loss. Since CPJ's been at Tech, his teams are 9-0 after a loss.

Since 2002, Paul Johnson's teams have gone 62-35 on Saturday games. On Weekday games in the same period, Johnson's squads have gone 7-6. At Tech, CPJ is 2-3 in Weekday games (this includes bowl games).

With extra prep time, CPJ is 24-13 since 2010. If opponents have extra prep time against CPJ, they increase their chances of winning from a measly 27.6% chance of victory to 41.3% of the time. With the same amount of prep time, opponents are 16-41 against CPJ's squads. VPI has the same prep time as GT.