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Field Position Comparisons: Clemson's O versus Georgia Tech's D

Two days ago, we showed that Clemson's D has forced a ton of punts. Today, we're showing you why the Georgia Tech defense is still in a rebuilding year. In 2009, we gave up a TD 27% of our opponents' drives but scored a TD 42% of our own drives. It was unfair trade in our favor. This season the gap has shrunk big time. We're scoring TD's 32% of our drives but giving up TD's 26% of the time. That is not good. Here's a look at the 2010 breakdown thus far based on our opponents starting field position and what their drives result in based on that field position:


Clemson's defense is much better than us at forcing punts and forcing turnovers. 78% of their opponents drives result in a punt or turnover. We are only forcing punts or turnovers 62% of the time. We're gonna have to step it up against Clemson considering they're also turning the ball over at a lot lower rate than we are per drive. Here's a breakdown of their drive result rates based on starting offensive field position:


Clemson has a fairly stale offense but if they're given good field position after a fumble, they've shown they know what to do with the football. GT could be staring down the barrel of road conference loss if our offense continues to turn the ball over.