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Georgia Tech vs. MTSU Post Game Quick Thoughts

"We're similar players, but we're different, too, because I'm better than [Nesbitt]. I'm better. He just has more hype. He knows that, or he should know that. He is a good quarterback, too, so I don't want to take anything away from him. But like I said, I am better. I know that." - Dwight Dasher

The Georgia Tech defense proved Dasher horribly inaccurate this past Saturday as the MTSU quarterback was neutralized for all intensive purposes. Dasher was held to only 173 yards passing and 35 yards rushing while also throwing 4 interceptions in the game. Meanwhile Joshua Nesbitt took over his offense and effectively led the Jackets downfield multiple times for solid scoring drives.

Here are my quick thoughts. What are yours?

  • Games on Fall Break are a bad idea. The student section was miserable.
  • Thank you 2nd half adjustment wake-up call. I was starting to get worried after the 2nd quarter.
  • Tevin Washington can't make a read is slowly turning over the qb position to David Sims
  • Embry Peeples! Catch the ball!
  • Stephen Hill caught a ball!
  • Anthony Allen found the end zone for the first time last week against Virginia. He must have liked the feel of scoring a touchdown as he added 2 more touchdowns against the Blue Raiders.
  • Wait. We threw the ball 14 times? Here's the familiar part: 5 receptions for an average of 17.5 yards per catch. There's that efficient big play pass we've all been missing.
  • Offensive line woes still boggle my mind.
  • Defensive continues to improve though 3rd down conversions still bother me.
  • Good game Jerrard Tarrant.
  • 1 more game away until bowl eligibility.
  • Huge string of games coming up: October 23: Clemson, Bye Week Nov. 4th: Virginia Tech November 13: Miami

Go Jackets!