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The Preview Of Mediocrity (?): Georgia Tech vs. Wake Forest

Bird and I decided to switch it up this week in anticipation of Wake Forest vs. Georgia Tech. This week, I'll be generating my own form of a preview of the Deacs while Bird will reflect upon the game.

Georgia Tech desperately needs a solid performance out of all units this week and if there was ever a punching bag to take advantage of, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons represent said bag. Wake Forest has been outscored 99-24 over their last two games (against Stanford and Florida State respectively). Add that to a 54-48 shootout win over Duke, and you got your self a "holy" defense.

It's rough being a 2010 Wake Forest football fan. Opponents are winning just about every statistical category made available on Most pertinent to the Jackets are third-down conversions (44.64% opponent success rate), and yards per play (opponents rack up 6.4 yards per play, 5.02 yards per carry). RA Johnston, of Blogger So Dear discusses what he believes should be Wake's plan of defense against our Wreckbone Offense here.

The Wake Forest offense is just as chaotic as their defense. This excerpt from Martin of BSD explains it all:

It's getting ugly. From injuries and poor execution to ineffective playcalling, the Demon Deacon offense is a mess. And part of that starts at the quarterback position. While Tanner Price showed flashes against Duke, and Ted Stachitas has run the ball effectively, there is no continuity offensively. And to add injury to insult, Price is out with a concussion and Stachitas is banged up again (as he has been throughout his career). Stachitas reportedly will play but is still questionable, and Cross and Skylar Jones sit waiting.

We've discussed the issues with Georgia Tech over the week: They can't talk to each other, bad field position, and even their third-down defensive struggles so we don't need to go ahead and repeat it (please!). Wake Forest plays Navy next week. Let's give the Deacons a blueprint as to how to get beat into the mud by the Triple Option.


Kickoff/TV: 7pm, ESPNU

Who Needs This Game: Well, both squads need this but Georgia Tech is better and needs this game more to show the ACC that the defending conference champions haven't rolled over just yet. You gotta get through Georgia Tech to get to the ACC Championship Game!

What We Need On Offense: Plays that reflect 2009. Too many times in 2010 do we see lazy route running, bad blocking, or bad communication. Hey guys, how about we see you hold on to your helmets and the football as well, eh? Opponents who have the biggest success are teams that have stacked the box, broken down our offensive line and had disciplined linebackers. Will Wake Forest do the same?

What We Need On Defense: Hahahahahahah. Everything. I've harped on it all week. LEADERS ARE WHAT WE NEED! MEN WHO DON'T TAKE LOSING FOR AN ANSWER. Oh, and how about a stop on 3rd down please? Readers, you can count on some more 3rd down articles in the upcoming week.

What We Should Expect From Wake Forest But Won't: Trick plays. Riley Skinner is gone and so is some of Jim Grobe's more traditional offensive plays. What has made Wake Forest successful in the past was the ability to take advantage in areas where the superior opponents were vulnerable. I would expect a reverse or two to come about on Saturday.


Bird: If we don't win, stop game planning for every game and start planning to beat georgie. 30-21 Georgia Tech

Winfield: If we lose to Wake Forest we suck. We need to take a lot of stress out on these Deacons...but I think it will be a lot closer than I'd prefer. 28-20 Tech takes it.

What are your thoughts and predictions?