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So long Demaryius. Thanks for the memories

Today at 1:15, Demaryius Thomas had his press conference to announce that he is declaring for the NFL Draft. You can get all your updates through Coley Harvey (@macontechtalk) of the Macon Telegraph.

Most people will focus on his ridiculous stats such as yards per catch, receving yards, etc. However, many of BeBe's truest highlights will never be put to in a reel with music in the background spotlighting himself. Rather, they will be in films of Jon Dwyer, Roddy Jones, and Anthony Allen running all over the field because of how Demaryius, our wide receiver, blocked.

So, thank you Demaryius. Thank you for the memories, thank you for your willingness to stay around when Paul Johnson came onto The Flats. We couldn't have made it has far as we had without you working quietly in the background. Now go get that paycheck.