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NFL Jackets News

Gary Guyton - Contract expires at the end of the season. He will enter an interesting off season as the NFLPA, owners, and league offices haven't really come to terms for the 2010 season.

Philip Wheeler - Secured a starting spot in the Colts rotation and will most likely be a key cog in the Colts playoff run. Wheeler has averaged 6 tackles a game since being promoted to starting strongside linebacker.

J.P. Foschi - After only catching 41 passes in four years for Chan Gailey's "TE's only Block" offense, J.P. leads the Bengals' tight ends with 27 receptions. J.P. didn't have a secure NFL job since his 2005 Chiefs stint but has fit in nicely with the Bengals.

Keith Brooking - The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since 1996. Brooking's rookie season was on the 1998 NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. He leads the Cowboy defense physically and emotionally.

Dawan Landry - Part of the vaunted Ravens defense. Has become a seasoned veteran as only Ed Reed has more experience in the Ravens secondary.

Calvin Johnson - Saw triple teams down the stretch as Lions offense devolved. Linehan said goal in the offseason is to find more offensive playmakers to relieve pressure on Johnson.