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Pregame Anticipation - Open Thread

January 5th, 2009 - Des Moines, IA


Iowa Fan #1: Dude, we're gonna totally eff up those Yellow Jackets tonight!
Iowa Fan #2: I don't know man, Nesbitt is a sick baller. Demaryius Thomas has a standing vertical of like 20 bushels. Norm Parker.
Iowa Fan #1: You know how we'll win! Stanzimal is back! He's gonna use Jedi mind tricks and sh%t on them Jackets! Just like this...


Iowa Fan #1: It's old school Iowan corn fightin'! No one's done it since 1935 but I taught Stanzi personally.
Iowa Fan #2: Dude, you're awesome. Iowa is the greatest state ever! Norm Parker!


Iowa Fan #1:GT hasn't seen moves like this. The dirty south won't know what hit 'em. They don't know Big 10 power! Southern teams are stupid!
Iowa Fan #2: Damn straight! Iowa's gonna hold GT to negative rushing yards and we're gonna pass for 3,000,000 yards! O'Keefe is gonna be our head coach in a few years so he's gotta prove himself tonight. Norm Parker.
Iowa Fan #1: Alright, so how we gonna watch this game since it ain't on the tv?