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Reasons to Watch the Orange Bowl if you're not a GT/Iowa fan

I sent a question out to the FTRS readers about why a non-GT or non-Iowa fan would want to watch this game. Here are their responses...

WoFo from WoRo: Women. GT will be bringing some Southern Belles. Iowa will bring some Midwest charm. See examples here. There are sure to be some great cameos of fine Georgian and Iowan women. The game's in Miami too so the chances of some of these showing up is high as well.

Ted's Uncle: The game is commentated by Dick Stockton and Charlie Davis, the two most uncontroversial figures in sportscasting history. The Orange Bowl guarantees you will not be offended. Stockton's career highlights include play-by-play for HBO bowling!

Also, my favorite band of all time Kool & the Gang will playing the half time. Whenever I'm seething with rage after a GT-uga sporting event, I pop in some sweet, soul-filled albums of Kool.

Das Boot: I'm a huge sports fan. I consume all events at the professional and collegiate level including water polo. There is no NFL played on Tuesdays. The best NBA game, Lakers-Rockets, doesn't tip off until 10:30 EST. The best college hoops is GT-uga and Texas-Arkansas. Those aren't exactly must-see-tv albeit GT fans will keep an eye on Clean, Old-fashioned Hate. There's no sports fan reason not to watch the Orange Bowl. From a betting perspective, GT is favored by 3.5, the lowest spread of any BCS game. Vegas thinks it'll be more exciting than UF-Cincy, Bama-UT, TCU-BSU, and OSU-Oregon.

A Jade Anklet: What's new on TV on January 5th? The O'Reilly Factor... Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?... Biggest Loser: Couples... Scrubs... NCIS... No thanks. I'd rather eat dirt.

So, there are a bunch of reasons from FTRS readers on why you should watch the Orange Bowl if you aren't a GT or Iowa fan. Not to mention the fact that it's the fourth oldest bowl or that it's on a Tuesday Night. Tuesday is literally the unassigned day of the week. It's not a church day. It's not the Shabbat. It's not a drinking or partying day. It's four days after New Years and you should still be in recovery.