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A deep look into the remaining Hoops schedule

I started looking at relative schedule strength for everyone in the ACC. Upon initial investigation, GT's remaining schedule is only 27-29 in conference play. That's good enough for 4th easiest (by winning percentage) of all ACC teams' remaining schedules. The best schedule by this methodology is FSU who looks forward to a grouping of teams that are currently only 27-35.

This doesn't really take into account the ACC's ridiculous home court advantage this season. In the 2009-2010 season, ACC teams have gone 26-11 at home this season in conference play. Oddly enough, only UNC and NC State have losing records at home. Only Maryland, UVA, and UNC have 0.500 records on the road. Everyone else is sub-0.500 on the road.

Now, if we take into account the actual location of where games are being played, then GT's fortunes take a turn for the worse. GT still has to travel to Duke (4-0 at home), Clemson (2-1 at home), Maryland (3-0 at home), and Wake (3-0 at home). So recalculating the overall remaining schedule taking into account where our opponents will be playing their games, the schedule drops from 4th easiest to the most difficult schedule left in the ACC based purely on winning percentage. Here's a look at a chart I came up with kinda explaining what I'm talking about.


KEY --- HW: Home wins, HL: Home losses, RW: Road wins, RL: Road losses, RSW: Remaining opponents' ACC wins, RSL: Remaining opponents' ACC losses, RSR: Remaining schedules ranked by opponents' winning percentages (1 = good, 12 = bad), CSW: Opponent wins corrected based on road/home, CSW: Opponent losses corrected based on road/home, CSR: Remaining schedules ranked based on corrected schedule winning percentages (1 = good, 12 = bad)

Anyone care to discuss the remaining schedule or this weekend's matchup with Clarence Moore?