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Tuesday News, Links, and whatnot

So, there is a rumor floating around about Giff Smith going to the Buffalo Bills to coach the defensive line. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but we shall see won't we?

ACC Football

Leach To Terrapins: A Rumor So Good It Must Become Reality - Spencer Hall
If Mike Leach is free, that should at least mean an offseason of fantastic speculation about his eventual landing place, his mysterious whereabouts, and his recreational interests in unemployment. Since he’s already done Vikings and pirates, I’m guessing he’s moved on an intense study of the Mamelukes of Egypt, the ninjas of the Sahara who served the Abbasid Sultans of Cairo. But that’s just my casual, uneducated guess as an amateur Leachologist.

ACC Defenses Loaded Again in 2010 - Tomahawk Nation
Everyone knows that the ACC produces more 1st round NFL defensive players and NFL defensive pro bowlers than any other conference. But come April, the draft should feature fewer ACC defenders. Why? An astounding number of draft-eligible juniors elected to return to school for 1 more season.

NCAA Basketball

SB Nation Bracketology:
SB Nation's Chris Dobbertean, editor of Blogging The Bracket, is back with this week's NCAA Tournament projection.

Updated bracket projections - Beyond the Arc -
With that, let's turn to Dave Ommen's latest men's NCAA tournament projections. His latest bracket is below, with some explanations. As always, check out his site, BRACKETVille, for more, including all the key wins and losses for each team and which teams are moving onto the bubble.

Misc. (NCAAF, NFL, UGA vs. UF..(WHAAT?!)

NFL's Backward Thinking: Leslie Frazier, The Face Of A Failed System
Chan Gailey over Leslie Frazer? Really?

The NCAA's Radical Budget Proposal - BCS Evolution
The results of the NCAA's examination of the present economic realities are in. It doesn't look good for the coaches pockets.

Why It Is More Important for the Florida Gators to Get Worse Than for the Georgia Bulldogs to Get Better - Dawg Sports
Simply stated, sustained success in sports almost always is at least partially dependent upon the weakness of the opposition.