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Georgia Tech 66 Clemson 64: Zach Peacock to the rescue

It was a game of slop-ball as both teams shot under 40%. Gani Lawal had his typical stellar performance and Derrick Favors finally had his ACC breakout game. But it was key free-throws from Zach Peacock (84% FT shooter), after a reach-in foul was committed by forward Trevor Booker, who sealed the deal in the final seconds.

"Just like another day in practice shooting free throws," Peacock said. "I feel as calm and cool as I want to be."

Seems like he could teach the team a few things. Both the Jackets and Tigers failed at the free throw line, shooting 50% each though neither team reached the line more than 22 times. Peacock himself was 2-for-3.

The combination of Derrick Favors and Gani Lawal proved to be deadly last night as both players reached double-double status with Favors leading the way in both points (17) and rebounds (14). The Jackets needed every one of those points and rebounds so they could give the ball to Zach at the end. An interesting stat about Peacock is that even though he took a "bench" role to Derrick Favors for this season, he averages 21.6 minutes per game and played the 3rd-most minutes of the game (29). In summary, Zach Peacock is our 6th Man and has developed quite well as a player over the season.

The win is of significance to the program as well. For the first time since 2004 Final Four run, Georgia Tech has beaten three straight Top-25 teams. The Jackets have also completed this in 11 days. The Jackets take a break from Top-25 action but not ACC play as they head to Florida State on the 24th. It's time for revenge and another road victory.

Finally, the poll: