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Gailey Strikes Back

It looks we'll need to start work on a sequel as Gailey's story never ends. Gailey was announced as the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills yesterday at 2 pm. He brings with him a fairly average resume, which leads a lot of Tech fans that happen to be NFL fans into a mode of speculation. Is Gailey the long term fit for the Bills or a cheap band aid until Ralph Wilson no longer has his hands on the controls?

The city of Buffalo shares an interesting commonality with Cleveland and Detroit. They are the only NFL home cities that have declined in population over the past year. Their markets are dying as industry flows away from the North. They are not dropping at Katrina-esque rates but when the population is at -0.2% to -0.5% per year, one has to wonder how much longer the Bills will be residing in Buffalo.

If the Bills move in a couple years, it'll be a lot easier to part ways with a Chan Gailey than with a Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, or Jon Gruden-type. If Chan wins a few games and keeps the Buffalo fans happy in the mean time, then it's a win-win for the Buffalo management.

Gailey intends to handle offensive play-calling duties next season. - Yahoo!
If I were a Bills' fan, I'd want someone else to run my offense in the dusk of my favorite NFL franchise. Chan has little penchant for the modern offensive game. He does have NFL OC experience but does experience translate into success? NFL teams simply seem afraid of innovation and moving forward while they continually give the dull, traditional guys second chances (hence, Gailey actually being dubbed an "offensive mind"). A quick look at his 2008 bottom quartile offense indicates that he's slightly behind the curve concerning NFL game prep. Even his 2000-2001 Dolphin offenses were ranked in the low to mid-20's in scoring and total offense. Buffalo needs a new, young OC. Chan can manage the system as long as it doesn't involve in game adjustments or the best wide receiver in the history of a program.

Buffalo fans can look forward to a solid running attack and a lot of shotgun. Gailey's Tech teams were always tops in the ACC as far as rushing yards/game. Passing offense...not so great. KC fans were super excited about Gailey's potential at KC but after a couple of rocky years there, I don't see how Gailey found an HC job so quick in the NFL.

Good luck to the Bills fans out there especially if you're getting a double dose (e.g. Tech fans I know from Rochester, Buffalo, or Albany... I pity your cyclical lives).