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GT vs. Clemson Basketball Q&A

We traded some questions with Clemson bloger Will B. from  Shakin the Southland. It should prepare you for tonight. Here are our responses to their questions. If you can't make the game in the AMC, make the open forum!

1. Is this the year when Clemson doesn't fold in the postseason?

I think this is a good young squad that will be able to win some games down the stretch.  I hate to say it, but the implosion against Illinois was probably good for this team and I think that they learned that they have to finish.  Clemson really needs someone to consistently provide an outside scoring threat to take a lot of the pressure off of Booker.  Clemson has to do better from the free throw line in order to pull off a few wins in the tournament.  If Clemson can get Demontez Stitt back healthy and have him get on a run both shooting and off the dribble, I think that we will see a Clemson team that can live up to our preseason expectations of 10 conference wins and an appearance in the Sweet 16.

2. Give a player to watch out for on Tuesday
Obviously Trevor Booker is Clemson's best player.  The Tigers go as he goes.  While Booker doesn't seem to be as aggressive and ruthless on defense and under the basket as in years past, he still makes this thing GO for the Tigers.  It will be important for Clemson to get production out of other team members to allow Booker to get quality looks but Booker is the integral piece to Clemson's puzzle.  With Stitt probably out, Tanner Smith and Andre Young will be more important for the Tigers.  Tanner is one guy who goes all out all game long.  Clemson needs to have Andre Young to step his game up at the point. 

3. Who else besides Trevor Booker can match up with Gani and Favors on the inside?
You will see David Potter, Jerai Grant, and two freshmen: Trevor Booker/Milton Jennings inside.  Lawal (6'9", 234 lbs) and Favors (6'10" 246 lbs) have a size advantage over anyone the Tigers try to match up with.   

4. Tech has had four different players score at least 20 points in a game this season.  If Tech neutralizes Trevor Booker, does Clemson have a scorer to take his place?

With Stitt injuring his foot against NC State, I am not optimistic about CU's chances if Booker cannot get things going.  Tanner Smith is the only Tiger other than Booker or Stitt to average double digits in scoring.  I really hope that either Freshman Noel Johnson or Milton Jennings can become more comfortable and contribute more down the stretch.  With Stitt out, Booker becomes the player that GT will focus on stopping all night and Clemson does not have anyone who has consistently given them quality production all year.

Go Jackets!