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Virginia 82 Georgia Tech 75 Post-Game

These unhappy posts are getting all too familiar....

Since the game was not on TV, we couldn't actually see how bad we played. Only envision it, and quite honestly, I don't know which is more frustrating. Now, we'll give credit where some credit is due. The Cavs shot 26 and made 23 free throws to keep them on what is now a 6-game winning streak. That will keep you in any game and I don't care who you are. Tech, on the other hand, 3-for-11 which shows we did not draw fouls. Common sense says when this happens YOU'RE GOING TO LOSE EVERY TIME EVEN WHEN YOU SHOOT GREATER THAN 50% FROM THE FLOOR!

I mean honestly, if you want my thoughts on this game, the status of our basketball program, etc you need to go back and read Ted's post from when we lost to Florida State.

If we erase the free throw shooting from our minds, we actually played rather well (potential kicking in!). Five players all scored in double figures with Zach Peacock leading the way with 19 points. Iman Schumpert put up 15 points with 6 assists. We didn't turn the ball over ridiculously, we all shot well (52%) and even assists, something that the we've been low in all season were up (15). The main problem in this game, was a common issue and theme that's been haunting us for a very long time: free-throw shooting and player development. Talent can only be ridden for so far. Virginia shot fairly well with four players in double-digits. Cavs guard Sylven Landesberg led all scorers with 22 points and 5 assists.

Georgia Tech under Paul Hewitt will forever be an up and down team. Lose to georgie on the road. Beat Duke. Lose to UVA on the road. Hewitt himself blamed the game on "those loose balls". After talking to Ted, who was able to listen to the game on XM said that it seemed we caught some bad luck at the end and things just didn't go our way. But do we really need to rely on luck to win? One day (soon?) the time will come to blame a game on a coach who can't get a team to live up to its potential, hit free throws, and win a game on the road.