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Speculating about Dwyer, Burnett, and Morgan

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Today's a big day for Georgia Tech football. At 1pm Jonathan Dwyer, Derrick Morgan, and Morgan Burnett will all tell us their plans for the future. Let's think of the possibilities:

Scenario 1: They all go pro.

This is what should be expected. Very rarely does anyone schedule a press conference and then say they are staying. We know about their close friendship which would make sense for them to declare together. Everyone KNOWS Derrick Morgan is going pro and all are saying that he's expected to be a first round pick. Jonathan Dwyer has said that he will not watch the Orange Bowl so that it doesn't affect his decision. We also know that the Orange Bowl was not quite the way anyone wanted to see him go out. Morgan Burnett is the WTF? choice and is the one who we haven't heard many rumors about though I'm not sure if he could necessarily improve his draft stock.

Scenario 2: They all stay

They came to win a national championship and business is unfinished. This scenario is plausible because it's what they said they wanted to do together from the beginning and because of the presence of Morgan Burnett. He's the wild card in the bunch and we really don't know what he's thinking or what exactly his role is in this.

Scenario 3: It's a mix

Some combination of the three go and the rest stay. This is the most unlikely because I just don't see a player taking part in a press conference without having something significant to say.

More news here as it comes in....