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GT Defensive Coorinator Candidates

In light of the firing of Dave Wommack on Friday, we would like to take you through the candidates to become the next defensive coordinator on The Flats.  Wommack's firing was something many had speculated about throughout the season.  Personally, I thought CPJ was going to give Wommack one more year to straighten things out given all the injuries to the defense this season.  Obviously though, I stand behind anything and everything Paul Johnson does so I approve of Wommack's firing.  

Now as most of you may know already, there is only one definite candidate for the job and that is Al Groh.  There have been a couple rumors tonight from footballcoachscoop.comMr. College Football's Twitter acount and Mark Bradley's column that we have reached or are very close to reaching a deal with Groh to become the new DC.  However, we'll throw a couple of other names out there as well for your thoughts and discussion.  Here we go.

Al Groh: We all know Al Groh pretty well from his time at UVA and if you're a Jets fan as their head coach.
Pros: Experience at both the pro and college levels, 3-4 defense is unusual and difficult for colleges to prepare for in short turnover, good recruiter, HATES VT, familiarity with the ACC particularly the Coastal, too old to find another gig, and his defense kicks ass
Cons: Price tag, could lose buyout money if he takes a job this year depending on wording in contract, 3-4 scheme would not fit the current players on the team and will take time to bring in proper personnel.

Jon Tenuta: We all know him.  Some of us hate him, some of us love him but he IS available and he could get a look.  Personally I highly doubt it will happen considering CPJ could have hired him when he came in initially, but we'll give the Pros and Cons anyway.
Pros: Familiarity with GT and ACC, not under contract, unique and difficult to plan for zone blitz, great DB and LBs produced at tech, defenses shutdown Georgie, his scheme looks like this.
Cons: Doesn't like to recruit, defense susceptible to average dropback passers (think Matt Ryan) and max protection schemes, would be lateral move at best for his career

Giff Smith: This could be a logical internal promotion, but I think the odds are better of us re-hiring Tenuta than promoting Giff to DC.  He's too valuable as a recruiting coordinator to become our DC.
Pros: Loyalty to GA Tech, no external search required, GT recruiting guru, DL has racked up 126.5 sacks in 6 seasons, coached up 3 defensive linemen taken in the NFL Draft since being at Tech, 
Cons: Little experience coaching in secondary and linebackers, Would be first full fledged DC job, DL performed poorly at close of 2009 season and OB, need to appoint new recruiting coordinator

Jim Leavitt: A little far-fetched given his situation I know, but you never know.
Pros: Great defenses at Kansas State when he was there along with Bobby Stoops, knows how to get the most out of his players, high energy guy, we could stay a 4-3 scheme (which is the scheme all our players were recruited for), produced some good defensive lineman at South Florida (Selvie,etc).
Cons: controversial choice and might be too "hot" for us to hire him right now

Mike Ditka: Rumor has it, Paul Johnson's goal is to have the most badass coaching staff ever assembled so of course he's going after DITKA
Cons: Because of the level of badassness between CPJ and Ditka, teams would forfeit games before they even come to Atlanta, which would make fans not come to games which in turn would result in no revenue for the Athletic Department and ultimately cause Georgia Tech to collapse in on itself.  So that could be a concern.

We'll see what happens.  No matter what though, this move to fire Wommack and hire a new DC says a lot about Paul Johnson.  This is exactly the opposite of what Mark Richt did so obviously it is the right move (sorry, I had to get one shot in at Georgie).  The future is bright Tech fans.