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Guest Blogger: Clemson Tigers Style!

With every upcoming game comes a Guest Blogger segment where we trade questions with the opposing team's bloggers. This week's team is Clemson and with Clemson come Willy-Mac and Chili from Block-C. If you ever want to read some entertaining material check 'em out. They sent us some questions for their site and here are our responses. So without further ado, here are Block-C's responses.

How many trick plays will Dabo call against Georgia Tech this year? Also, how many of these trick plays will result in turnovers or points for Georgia Tech?

More than likely, it will be one of two plays we've seen before or something completely new.  One was a play where Jacoby Ford acted like he wasn't supposed to be in for a play, ran towards the sidelines, then walked up field after the ball had been snapped, caught a pass, and scored the TD.  IT ACTUALLY WORKED.  I SHIT YOU NOT. The other, which is more probable, will be the CJ Spiller HB pass we ran against Virginia this year.  Dabo is 2/2 on trick plays and this seems like an excellent game to do it in as it's pretty much a must win for Swinney. We won't turn it over.  Don't take this the wrong way, but more than likely it'll be a success for us because he really, really does his homework and puts in the extra effort to make sure things work like that.

If you could pull an NFL-free-agent-style-pickup of one GT player, who would it be?

Well, I don't know that much about GT this year, but I'd have to say given the success this guy had last week and the success our guys had, I'd actually be picking Demaryius Thomas. That's right, I'd want to pick up a wide receiver from a triple option team.  I don't know how you guys pulled it off, but kudos. I also don't know how he's going to do against a real opponent, but given that he's a junior he could fit into our system in the span of a year.
Are you bringing two dollar bills to Atlanta?

Of course we are.  See, we usually only break them out for the bowl games, but recently we've been getting pretty zealous and just blowing them everywhere.  Plus I've got all these two dollar bills from Platinum Plus left over... might as well stamp a two dollar bill on em and put them to good use.

Where is Willy Korn's place on this Clemson team?  Will he see time against Georgia Tech?

Honestly, after the shit show he displayed against Middle Tennessee I don't know.  You have to feel bad for the guy, but I'd rather Parker be playing.  We need to be running on all cylinders against ya'll and I don't know if we can afford to get Willy any playing time this week.  I think Dabo has mentioned playing him at some point on Thursday, but I hope he doesn't.  His place on this team is vocal leader and hopefully getting his act together in case anything happens to Harper.

With only one game under his belt into a full season as head coach, it is too early to conclude if Dabo Swinney is the right choice for Clemson. However, how did the offseason go? What were some improvements and problems?  Will he still be at Clemson in 5 years?

It's still incredibly too early to judge if Dabo is the right fit or not.  Off the field, we couldn't have a better coach.  He puts Clemson first and says all the right things to get the fans and boosters fired up.  The off season was relatively quiet. In terms of improvements and problems, the quarterback controversy is a big point.  We've solved the problem with Parker, but haven't fixed the problem with Korn.  Also, there was a huge drop off in talent outside the tackle box and our big time recruits we landed at wide receiver aren't exactly maturing and earning their keep.  It's still insanely early to put a forecast on Dabo. 

Do your ACC Championship Game expectations change after seeing all of the Atlantic Division teams play their fist game?

Not really, I mean I expect us to pretty much beat everyone barring one bonehead loss. I expect FSU to do the same by beating everyone including us barring one bonehead loss.  They're still a shoe in for the ACCCG and will more than likely be playing you guys or VT. I think we have an outside shot if we get lucky or on a hot streak.  Short answer: No, we don't expect anything and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
Who is one player on your team that we may not have heard about but we should be on the lookout for?

If there ever was someone that represents the old guard of Clemson defense it'd be DeAndre McDaniel.  Why, because he beats folks up and he breaks femurs.  He doesn't give a F**K ABOUT YOU AND YOURN (sic). HE FOUGHT A SHARK AND ATE IT'S HEART.

You are the ACC commissioner and you can do whatever you want to the conference in regards to football. What do you do to get us back to respectability?

I'd start pressuring the athletic directors around the league to put more emphasis on football.  It worked with basketball and now instead of having one or two teams dominate and a few other hard teams, we have one of the toughest conferences to play in and we have a couple national contenders year in and year out. I'd like to see that on the football field for us. Don't get me wrong, we were awesome in roundball, but now we're like the SEC is with football. We can't have our bottom feeders in football losing to teams like William & Mary and Richmond. Overall, I think we need to get rid of Swofford and his tobacco road cronies out of office and get some football centric guys in there.  Danny Ford for ACC commish???


Feel free to leave your comments on Clemson football below.