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Jacksonville State 1st Half Rideout Video

Well, here it is everybody. My very first ride out in the Ramblin' Reck from Georgia Tech for 2009. Before you watch, let me tell you what to look for because it is quite entertaining.

1. Who is that first voice you hear telling me to get moving? It's Paul Johnson himself telling me to go! TV/ESPN360 or whatever was behind and we were not supposed to take off until about 2:45 until kickoff instead of 3:00 minutes before kickoff.

2. The Reck drives slow in this video, because well, no one know we were leaving so I couldn't run over the cheerleaders!

3. Listen to the lady at the end telling me that I was not supposed to go yet (original quote: "You do NOT go until Todd tells you to go!").On the contrary, when Paul Johnson tells you to go, you go!


Can't wait for Thursday!