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It pays to be prescient - Miami/FSU and polltalk cont'd

Edit: I've attached my newest Top 25 after the jump for your reference.

That's right, I called it. They laughed. Eh, what can you do other than rank 'em and see what happens?

Scary things are happening in Florida. UF will win the MNC this year, FSU will be good, but it looks like Miami will be just a bit better than them this season.

The nice thing about this is that I already had Miami at 18th, where they will remain (of course, it wouldn't take a whole lot of convincing to get me to bump them over Clemson, ahem readers). As for FSU... losing at the end by some brilliant plays by Miami doesn't exactly give me a whole lot of reason to punish them terribly... yet. The worst that will happen is that they will drop 2 spots to #22, but at any rate they will stay about Nebraska.

What does this have to do with Georgia Tech? Well, we play Miami in like 10 days, and if we can't figure out a way to put some serious pressure on Harris, we may be in some serious trouble. It was unnerving to see the pass protection the 'Canes displayed, and guess what - they can run the ball too. I wasn't exactly impressed by our defensive line this past Saturday, and while I love Derrick Morgan, I can see Miami having the resources to take care of him will keeping Harris clean (read: double/triple coverage).

The story on defense is a little different. Once again, we have the blessing of running an unconventional offense, and since Miami has a new DC, we may be able to get them a little off-guard. Also, they can't afford to spend too much time just preparing for us when facing VT and Oklahoma in such a small time frame. Yes, their defense may still be a question pertaining to us, but there is no question that they are pretty good.

Hell, the whole team is pretty damn good. But that's should be a surprise. I already told you that a long, long time ago.


Also, I dropped WVU for the Bearcats. Whatever. From now on, that spot means "Insert who I think will win the Big East here."

1    Florida
2    Texas
3    USC
4    Alabama
5    OKSU
6    Penn State
7    Cal
8    Oklahoma
9    Virginia Tech
10    Ole Miss
11    BYU
12    LSU
13    Georgia Tech
14    TCU
15    Boise State
16    Ohio State
17    Clemson
18    Miami
19    uga
20    Utah
21    Cincinnati
22    FSU
23    Nebraska
24    Navy
25    Tenn