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Jacksonville State Post-Game Thoughts

There is not a whole lot to say here honestly. We didn't look too hot and I'm nervous about Thursday.The team will have their work ready for them all week in preparation for Clemson. We canNOT lose the ball like we did on Saturday.

The Good:

Derrick Morgan, Jarrard Tarrant, Morgan Burnett and Anthony Allen (mostly)

The Bad:

Defensive Line, Handoffs, and passing plays

The Ugly

The Kicking Game! OMG WTF!

Dane sums it up best in his previous post:

The more I think about this game, the more I worry about Thursday. We looked about the same this past Saturday as we did last year against JSU. Handoffs were sloppy, receivers weren't catching easy ones, our defensive line showed how bad we will miss those 3 draftees (but Derrick Morgan is a MACHINE!), and we still give the ball away too much. Nothing stood out as season-destroying, but our record is going to look like crap if we do not get a lot more polished in a hurry. We drop a spot, but I have a feeling that if this was week 5, we'd be lower.

It wasn't a horrible game, but it sure wasn't a good one either.