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Week 3 Blog Poll Map

Booyah (in a sad way). Tech has fallen from the graces of the blog poll with our terrible performance on national TV. We fell from an impressive 11th to 29th. An 18 place slide. Booyah.

Here is the map of shame. Red states didn't rank us at all in the blog poll. Brown states ranked us in the approximate range of 23.5-24.3. Blue states ranked us from approximately 22.7-23.3. And finally, our friends, the Yellow states ranked us from approximately 20.0-22.6. Highest vote received was 14th from ScalpEm. Thanks FSU. We needed some lovin' after having our asses handed to us.


In case you were wondering, there were 102 ballots cast and 62 of them didn't include GT in the top 25 (60.8%). Sad week in the polls for GT.