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ACC Blogger Roundtable Week 4

This week's roundtable is hosted by those Clemson guys from South-Cacka-lackey, Willy Mac and Chili of the Clemson blog, Block-C. Chili is in Italy during the football season (who does that????) but somehow manages to continue to hold is own in the blogosphere. When the summary is posted, we'll be sure to let you know. Most of these questions were answered by Dane as he decided to procrastinate and ignore school and studying. God Bless Dane.

Does this weekend's OOC performance for the ACC negate that first weekend's total bed-shitting performance? Why or why not?

No, the ACC really blows that hard. We suck, and until we come out of a bowl season with some crystal or total annihilation of every one the conference's teams play, we are the same old mediocre ACC. We've spent many hours trying to defend this conference, and it's time to just shut up and put up.

Continuing the weekly theme of predicting the conference outcome, who'll play in the ACC CG?

YOUR ASS AND MY FACE. I MEAN... MY ASS AND YOUR FACE. Clemson and Miami. And Clemson might actually win it because Harris will be so confused after learning during the game that the defensive line/defense in general is actually allowed to touch him
Is Miami a legit top ten team? Why or why not?

Miami is definitely a legit top ten team. They had what everyone agrees to be the toughest first four games of the season and have convincingly (new favorite word) won the first two. The team is chock full of talent, Shannon has completed his coaching trifecta, and Jacory Harris is the the G-est of G's. That sumbitch is cold as ice. ICE, MOTHAF***A! I seen Jacory toss a cage full of puppies into the Atlantic (coincidentally, past a full GT secondary). When asked why, he calmly replied, "I just killed a cage full of the sweetest animals on the planet. What makes you think I won't kill your ass too?" And then I left Miami, and then Jacory went and used a lady as a condom. No, there is no typo there.

If you had to declare an ACC MVP right now, who's your top guy?

UGH HARRIS GAAAAAAAH. Also, while not as talented as Spiller, Jacobi Ford is going to be key in getting enough offensive output for Clemson to keep the W's coming.

Women, whiskey, and miles of travelin' is all that I understand. What are three things you understand, blogger friends?

Biseasonal dose of heartbreak, insults to your your intelligence and dip breath. And Willy, you are full of shit, we spent 22 hours within a 48-hour period last Thursdayish on the road. You know nothing of these miles. (We did have 7 dudes in Suburban, so you win the women battle).