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Being "That Fan" on TV is probably not a good thing

Have you ever been that fan? You know, the fan of the losing team who is just absolutely miserable and the ESPN camera just stays on. HT to ChrisinIndy who sent us this clip of "That Fan" for Clemson when they came to Atlanta two Thursdays ago.



Unfortunately, against Miami, parts of our 7-man group were "those fans" on ESPN as well.


Yes, that is me in the upper left corner. The game sucked. I was not happy and sitting in the first row. I guess we brought it upon ourselves. The guy who looks straight up blackout and is about to "politely question the outcome of the game" is our very own reader arball.  All of our phones got lit up immediately after this clip telling us to stop crying and that we looked miserable. Miserable, yes. Crying? No. And nowhere near what that Clemson fan was feeling.

Have you ever been that fan? Have any hilarious clips of "That Fan" just being foolish? Post them in the comments!